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The Pre-Summit of the UN Food Systems Summit (UNFSS) offers a tremendous opportunity to usher in a new era of food systems transformations that is inclusive and empowering. This UNFSS solution cluster, Women’s Nutrition, Economic Empowerment and Leadership in Food Systems, focuses on three critical components of gender-equitable food systems: nutrition, economic empowerment and leadership.

Join us on Tuesday, July 27 at 19:30-20:20 CEST for a discussion on how we can build women leaders in food systems, empower women as food entrepreneurs, and initiate a country-driven anemia alliance. The session aims to:

Tap into the experience and lessons of countries to help shape cluster priorities
Foster buy-in for this combined approach
Recruit country stakeholders to participate in the cluster
✏️ The event will be available in English, French, and Spanish. Register to save your spot!
On Monday, July 26 from 13.30-14.20 CEST, the Micronutrient ForumStanding Together for NutritionThe Power of Nutrition and ENN Emergency Nutrition Network will host “Tackling undernutrition through action and accountability: A ‘reset’ for the prevention, early detection and treatment of wasting and costing information on the consequences of stunting” a parallel session during the pre-summit of the United Nations Food Systems Summit (UN FSS).

The need to prioritize global nutrition has never been more urgent and this session will address a ‘reset’ of the wasting agenda, new research on the cost of childhood stunting to business, and how we can catalyze multisectoral action for nutrition.

Dr Patrick Webb of Tufts University will moderate a discussion with the State Minister for Overseas Development and Diaspora, Ireland, representatives from Power of Nutrition, the US Government and other Member States along with Cecilia Fabrizio of Standing Together for Nutrition Consortium.The event will available in English and French. Join us for this engaging event by registering below.

Join us for «Closing the Evidence Gap for Food Systems Transformation» on Wednesday, July 26 at 19:30-20:20 CEST for this dynamic session focused on the challenges and opportunities for more and better data, more useful data, and more data use for food systems transformation.

Dr Jessica Fanzo of Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health will moderate a panel discussion to inspire creative thinking about what can be possible to use resources efficiently and increase the ability to share data and analysis tools easily and securely. Expert panelists such as Tanuja Rastogi, The Micronutrient Forum; Dana Gunders, ReFED; Kari Armbruster, Zero Hunger Zero Waste, Kroger and Emily Ma, Head, Google Food for Good will weigh in with their perspectives.

? Mark your calendar so you don’t miss this event!

NOW AVAILABLE! Nature Food Publishes Powerful Data on Malnutrition Due to COVID-19
As the pandemic relentlessly continues, we must Stand Together to improve the lives and futures of women and children.


Standing Together for Nutrition Consortium’s (ST4N) peer-reviewed research is now published in Nature Food – this research brought together experts from the field of economics, nutrition, food and health systems to model the potential impacts of COVID-19 on malnutrition in low- and middle-income countries. With the ongoing pandemic, the ST4N researchers are projecting the most pessimistic forecast of an additional 13.6 million children are at risk of acute malnutrition, 3.6 million more children may be stunted by 2022, and 258 additional child deaths each day.

In addition, Nature Food published a commentary authored by members of the ST4N consortium, highlighting how COVID-19 will likely lead to an additional 141 million people unable to afford a healthy diet, in addition to the 3 billion estimated by The State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World 2021 report (SOFI).

However, projections are not destiny; proven and scalable solutions are available to mitigate damage by the COVID-19 pandemic. Investment in nutrition is critical and ST4N will continue to make the case for nutrition throughout this Year of Action

Let’s not let these numbers become a reality. Let’s Stand Together for Nutrition!
Two NEW Additions to the Team!
The Micronutrient Forum is proud to welcome Dr Tanuja Rastogi and Rijuta Pandav!

With 20 years of international development and partnership experience, Dr Tanuja Rastogi will elevate the MNF’s mission as the new Director of Advocacy and Communications. Tanuja’s dedication to nutrition began examining diet patterns and disease risk in inner-city hospitals in India; this piqued her interest. She earned a doctorate in nutrition epidemiology from Harvard School of Public Health, followed by 14 years at the UN World Food Programme at the nexus of evidence, programs, policy and advocacy.
Rijuta Pandav brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in behavioral sciences, communication, and public health nutrition to the MNF team as an Advocacy and Communications consultant. She has earned a graduate degree from Harvard School of Public Health and most recently was Deputy Lead of the Food Fortification Resource Centre (FFRC) at FSSAI, Government of India, where she was actively involved in the ‘Eat Right India’ movement.